The center of sphere is everywhere

I see reading of images as a subtle yet penetrating psychological process that has great impact on individual and collective subconsciousness, by means of both abstracted forms and the connotative meaning in a cultural context; my practice is to investigate how exactly this process works.

The center of sphere is everywhere, is a photo project that I select a wide range of snapshots from daily life that have inconsistent subjects and ambivalent emotions. I sequence and permutate these discursive images to create a metaphoric visual assembly that can be perceived as: improvisational visual music that consists of color, light, form and transition; visual poetry with an open-ended existence outside the construct of linear time; and A/B couplets that create a self-referential loop.

The work is proposed as a maze game that brings the viewer to the present moment (instead of the internal pictorial moment) through their behavior of perception, and invites the viewer to fill in missing fragments during their process of cognition.